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Increase the lifespan of your Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Dermal Filler

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Picture this! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your injector hands you the mirror at the end of your dermal filler procedure, to check out your new lips, cheeks, chin (you name it), and WOW! You love the results.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler is incredibly satisfying to have performed because it offers instant improvement on your area of concern, compared to Botox, which takes 4-5 days to start kicking in. Our bodies naturally contain HA already, which slows in production as we age. By reintroducing HA dermal filler into the body, we can help structure and reshape areas of concern by replacing that lost HA volume.

With that being said, HA dermal filler doesn’t last forever. Our bodies will break down the filler just as they break down our natural HA. So let’s go over a few ways you can help maintain your fillers and increase their lifespan.

  1. Avoid manipulating or ‘squishing’ the area after treatment

    This includes sleep position (sleep on your back whenever possible), tight fitting accessories (think ski goggles) and face down appointments (like massages). We wouldn’t want to impair your results in any way as the filler settles into place.

  2. For lips in particular

    Avoid sucking on a straw, cigarette, etc, which can cause filler migration into the upper lip/moustache area. You should also avoid hot drinks right after treatment as intense heat can denature the filler and cause it to break down faster.

  3. Stay well hydrated

    This is an excellent reason to drink more water! Most fillers are hydrophilic meaning they draw water in. This helps them to look and feel softer, more natural, and maintain their hydrating properties.

  4. Treat your skin right

    Make sure to use proper skincare products to keep your skin functioning optimally (such as AlumierMD), and try to reduce negative lifestyle factors whenever possible (these include unprotected sun exposure, living under high stress and smoke/pollution).

  5. Treatment maintenance

    Having touch ups done on your treated area can help maintain the longevity of your results. We also believe in working with a full face approach, to potentially see if corresponding treatments (such as Botox cosmetic) will help better improve your concerns.

At Revive we strongly believe in protecting your skin, and therefore
protecting your investment.

From now until April, we will be including a complimentary Coola SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray with all full syringe purchases.

Remember, many factors will play into the lifespan of your filler including your metabolism, quantity and type of filler injected, and where it was placed. For a specific estimate on how long a dermal filler treatment will last you, please come see me for a free consultation!

Thanks everyone and I look forward to seeing you soon!
Nurse Montana