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This Fall I’m Thankful for: Neck Treatments that work!

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I don’t even want to say it because I know you’re all thinking it.. It’s Turkey Neck Season ‘cringe’. Necks are notorious for showing our age! Why is this? Neck muscles begin to weaken, our skin loses its elasticity, and we dont treat it as diligently with at home skincare – as we do our faces.

When is the best time to address neck concerns? Ideally with maintenance before it becomes too big of a problem. For extremely loose and thin skin, surgery is the best option (think a ‘neck lift’). But this is why I am so PRO prevention, address concerns early and stay on top of the aging process. Here are my top picks for addressing the NECK:

Treatment #1:

Botox (a neuromodulator) to treat the Platysmal Bands or “Neck Band muscles” Which become cord like with aging, and pull the skin outwards. Relaxing these muscles with Botox allows the skin to tighten back up! Lasts 3-4 months.

Treatment #2:

Dermal Hyaluronic Acid Filler to soften the appearance of “Necklace Lines”. By injecting small amounts of filler into these creases, we can smooth their appearance and help to rehydrate that delicate skin. Lasts up to 1 year.

Treatment #3:

Microneedling. Build collagen by creating controlled micro-wounds in the skin using a sterile, microneedling pen. We are currently offering this treatment as our FALL SPECIAL. checkout our previous blog post to learn more!

Treatment #4:

Skincare for the neck. This may even be the most important treatment.. Skincare designed specifically for the neck. Try the AlumierMD Neck and Décolleté Firming cream. Low levels of retinol firm, strengthen the skin and improve elasticity, while licorice evens out skin tone. Gentle flower acids exfoliate dead cells and promote skin renewal. Use nightly, and make sure to bring it right down the chest as well! Results can be seen within one month of use.

And to maintain your neck treatment results, always apply SPF to the neck, daily!

BOOK NOW, to Revive your neck with us, this fall!

*Remember, all cosmetic procedures will come with some risk, and it is important to discuss these risks and determine if you are an adequate candidate for these procedures. We offer complimentary consultations for this reason. All cosmetic procedures must be approved and are overseen by our medical director. Injectables on the neck are considered ‘off-label’. For more information please contact us now.